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      Sydney, Australia

      ANZ Parramatta Westfield


      ANZ  |  2020  |  Banking & Services  |  Design

      project brief

      In partnership with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), Greater Group redesigned the branch in Westfield Parramatta providing full design services including renders, animations and drawings sets. Greater Group previously worked with ANZ to design and deliver a multipurpose pop-up branch format that was piloted in Queensland, Australia in 2019. Like this modular unit, the latest branch is a pioneer in traditional branch banking design.

      The goal was to merge ANZ Home Loans with a standard branch, the first of its kind. The modern, clean design with touches of greenery, timber and wall art is professional yet provides a sense of comfort and familiarity to customers. The result is an innovative, inspiring design that expertly maximises the use of space and creates a warm, welcoming space enhancing the overall customer experience with a wide range of specialised zones catering to different needs and conversations.

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      project outcome

      “You’ll feel right at home.” These are the words greeting customers in the large window display that dresses the oak timber shopfront. Entering the space, customers are welcomed by a concierge, who guides them to the waiting area. This simple gesture goes a long way in adding a personal touch to the banking experience that cannot be replaced by technology such as ticketing machines.

      Inside, warm and inviting materials were used for the Home Loans area, as well as the kitchen, study and dining zones. These spaces embody a relaxed environment where the engaging and contemporary interior features create a comforting atmosphere. The branch is equipped with a 24-hour lobby while the various zones inside offer private meeting areas where customers can receive guidance from the staff.

      Image Credit: ANZ / JLL 

      About ANZ

      ANZ is an Australian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Melbourne, operating as the second-largest bank by assets and third-largest bank by market capitalisation in Australia.


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