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      OUE Restaurant

      Redesign of Chen's OUE Downtown Gallery Outlet

      Chen’s sought to redesign their OUE Downtown Gallery outlet to create a modern, inviting space that blends Japanese and Chinese aesthetics. The redesign needed to cater to both corporate and family diners, offering flexibility for various dining groups while ensuring operational efficiency.



      Project Size

      990 Sqft

      Project Location


      Project Requirements

      Design & Build

      Client Requirements

      • Aesthetic Integration: Modern design with Japanese and Chinese elements, avoiding an overly Chinese look.
      • Welcoming and Bright Atmosphere: Use of neutral colors with brand colors as accents, and natural materials like wood and tiles.
      • Functional and Flexible Layout: Accommodate solo diners to groups of six, with easy reconfiguration for different group sizes.
      • Increased Seating Capacity: Aim to exceed the current capacity of 40 seats.
      • Operational Efficiency: Minimise blind spots, include a side station, provide a pick-up area for deliveries, and ensure relevance for both day and evening trading.
      • Maintain Current Kitchen Position: Avoid repositioning the kitchen.

      Project Challenges

      • Aesthetic Balance: Integrating Japanese and Chinese elements without making the space feel overly themed or cluttered.
      • Space Utilisation: Increasing seating capacity within the limited 990 sq ft area while maintaining comfort and accessibility.
      • Operational Efficiency: Designing a layout that minimizes blind spots and ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
      • Timeline Constraints: Completing the design, tender, and construction within a tight schedule.

      Chen's OUE Downtown Gallery outlet redesign incorporates Japanese and Chinese aesthetics with a contemporary twist. A bright, welcoming space catering to corporate and family diners, offering flexibility, efficiency, and an enhanced dining experience. Seamlessly blending functionality with style, it's poised to become a hub for diverse gatherings, from intimate dinners to business meetings and celebratory occasions.


      • Balanced Aesthetics: Successfully blended Japanese minimalism with Chinese elegance, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere.
      • Optimised Layout: Increased seating capacity beyond 40 seats through efficient space utilisation and flexible furniture arrangements.
      • Operational Improvements: Achieved a layout with clear sightlines, a dedicated side station, and an external pick-up area for deliveries, enhancing operational efficiency.
      • Timely Completion: The project was completed within the stipulated time frame.

      Key Lessons Learned

      • Importance of Flexibility: Flexible design solutions are crucial in maximising space utility and catering to diverse customer needs.
      • Aesthetic Cohesion: Achieving a cohesive aesthetic that incorporates multiple cultural elements requires careful planning and attention to detail.
      • Operational Considerations: Early integration of operational requirements in the design phase helps in creating a functional and efficient layout.
      • Timely Coordination: Effective project management and coordination among the design and construction teams are essential to meet tight deadlines.

      The Design and Build Team

      Project Manager: Changyou Sia
      Design Team: Rochelle Lei


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