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      Singapore, Singapore

      Cold Storage

      Cold Storage

      Cold Storage |  2017  |  Large Format  |  Design

      project brief

      greater group was commissioned by Cold Storage, a Singaporean supermarket chain, to design three prototype stores for market testing along with an in-store tasting bar. The bar is a new concept that was introduced into the retailer’s stores with the goal of improving the customer experience, encouraging engagement with shoppers and increasing in-store dwell-time. To accompany the new addition to the shopping experience, greater group also designed signage and wayfinding.

      The brief was to deliver a fresh, clean and future-proof design that disrupts the current strategy in this retail category, offers a tailored solution for promoting food and wine pairing, and educates shoppers on different wines and regions. Through a layout that is easy to navigate paired with cross promotion throughout the rest of the store, the new design serves an improved customer journey leading to increased sales.

      project outcome

      To appeal to local shoppers, market research was conducted to understand Singapore’s different customer groups and make accurate predictions about each profile’s shopping behaviour. The ‘Everyday Loyal’ shopper, for example, is usually time-poor and consequently tends to stick to the wines they are familiar with. The ‘Engaged New Customer’, on the other hand, has more time to their disposal to browse for new wines and are often interested in learning more about the products they buy, while the ‘Image Seeker’ likes to be the first to try new wines and boutique beers. Each of these groups follow a different path through the store according to their unique shopping priorities, budget and time availability. 

      The design is based on 4 key zones: Inspire, Curate, Educate and Engage.

      INSPIRE: Store Entrance 

      Because the store entrance is the first point of engagement between shoppers and the BWS department, this area is reserved for theatrical VM displays, an interactive experience and promotional items to convey a strong brand message and attract and inspire customers. 

      CURATE: Product Gallery

      The product gallery showcases a selection of BWS products. This section draws inspiration from clean aesthetics and retail trends, inviting customers to explore the product offerings and enjoy their shopping journey, guided by the ease-of-navigation and clear category management.

      EDUCATE: Tasting Lounge

      The new concept of the tasting bar aims to educate customers and cultivate a deeper connection with the products. The opportunity to taste a wine before purchase eliminates the frustration of having to choose between a large selection of products and helps customers make better choices with their money. In this experiential zone, customers can also enjoy a tasting plate with suggested food pairing while chatting to the wine experts. This increases customer engagement and facilitates cross promotion with the store’s food departments. 

      ENGAGE: Integrate

      The digital selector marks the beginning of an omnichannel model that offers new ideas for shopping along with personalised solutions. The digital device allows shoppers to create their own label designs, join a membership club or further educate themselves about the products by reading detailed online reviews of the selected wines. 

      About cold storage

      Cold Storage is owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings and also operates the brands Market Place and Giant Hypermarket across Singapore and Malaysia. The homegrown brand is trusted for its fresh and high-quality products, and is known for its daring creativity in piloting new and specialised concepts, of which the wine tasting bar is only one example. In 1997, Cold Storage became Singapore’s first supermarket to offer an online shopping channel, and also differentiated itself by launching Singapore’s first self-checkout counter in a department store. 


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