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      Délifrance Singapore HDB Hub


      Delifrance  |  2021  |  Hospitality |  Design

      project brief

      Délifrance commissioned Greater Group to redesign the existing outlet in Singapore’s HDB Hub to reflect the company’s new brand DNA, enhance the customer experience through logical spatial planning and an impactful customer journey, and adapt to the local market. Millennials were particularly considered as target customers — a fast-paced demographic who values quality customer experience and brand engagement, whilst constantly on the go. Providing services for Concept Design, 3D Visualisation, Environmental Graphic Design, Construction Documentation and Design Project Management, Greater Group is also working on the redesign of Délifrance’s Causeway Point location in Singapore – stay tuned for more details to come!

      The evolution of the Délifrance brand has led to a number of design adjustments across its global store network. The updated brand guidelines aim to deliver a brighter, cosier and more contemporary design that embraces Délifrance’s French origins and iconic Parisian brand character. The original French inspiration in the brand identity has been reimagined to create a warm and welcoming environment for visitors. Among the changes are the following:

      • A new colour palette with more ‘joie de vivre’ (enjoyment of life);
      • A more impactful facade and updated exterior signage to ensure the brand can be seen from a distance;
      • A prioritisation of the use of natural and cost-effective materials;
      • Tailor-made chill zones, and
      • A clearer in-store customer journey with a clarified service model and back-of-house connection.

      project outcome

      The updated store design showcases a logical customer journey that reflects the modernised Délifrance brand focus while adapting to the local Singaporean market needs. The HDB outlet’s target customers are fast-paced professionals who value quick service and on-the-go options while they wait at the busy bus intersection. To cater to this, the store focuses on delivering quality grab-and-go services while offering ample in-house seating options for customers who want to dwell and take a break. The overall result is a coherent new design concept that is fresh, chic and contemporary while staying true to the heritage and French DNA of the Délifrance brand.

      The reimagined store boasts an optimised layout and extended kitchen to simplify operations in the new store. To maximise the brand’s visibility from a distance, the signage is strategically placed to face the main traffic flow and attract visitors. The improved layout utilises the unique footprint of the HDB Hub venue to fit the required capacity while providing impressive spatial flexibility through various furniture selections and floorplan arrangements. Strategic zoning is used to create a variegated customer journey in-store with a combination of soft and hard seating in multiple settings such as high bar benches with privacy panels, communal seating and banquette seating. The use of different floor finishes not only aids in accentuating the various in-store zones but also adds to the visual consistency of the space. Graphics from Délifrance’s ‘Heritage’ mural collection adorn the walls to provide storytelling and educational aspects about the brand while highlighting its hospitality offerings.

      Shifting from a dark palette of only dark blue, red and wood, the new design combines the brand’s signature colours with lighter tones and softening textures like tiles to provide more visual balance and comfort. In reflection of the new brand guidelines, a modern colour palette of red copper, blue and white was implemented along with subtle touches of greenery to create an authentic Parisian aesthetic where visitors can feel as if they are enjoying brunch at a street cafe in Paris. A conscious decision was made to select natural finishes,  as well as a cost-effective material palette, that is easy to replicate to maintain brand consistency across future refreshes.  

      About Délifrance

      Established in France in 1978, Délifrance is a bakery company renowned for its French-style cafe dining offering. The brand has a global presence with stores across Europe, Asia and America while developing products for foodservice providers, bakers and retailers in 100 countries around the world. In Singapore, Délifrance Singapore Wholesale has been an established developer of bakery solutions for over 20 years.


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