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      Sydney, Australia

      Modern Luxury Meets Heritage

      Diamond Exchange

      Diamond Exchange | July 2019 | Fashion & Accessories | End to End

      Innovative Design Solution

      Diamond Exchange, an Australian family-owned jewellery brand with over 100 years of rich history, partnered with greater group to design and implement their first flagship in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Located on the fifth floor of the Georges Radio House heritage building, the Sydney showroom is based on a modern interpretation of traditional jewellery boutiques featuring warm lighting, soft finishes and plush details. The store’s open layout concept manages to expertly showcase a wide range of products while still achieving a curated best of range display in an intimate setting. This is the second collaboration with greater group following their first boutique at the Paris end of Collins Street in Melbourne in 2017.

      greater group provided an end-to-end solution from design concept to procurement and build to create the perfect backdrop for Diamond Exchange, who has a long reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted diamond jewellers. greater group began the process by working with the jeweller to define the strategy for the interior architecture, lighting, store planning and design that echoes the brand identity and appeal to their target markets of millennials. “The Lab” provided the build to craft the space’s high-style finishes, producing an end result of an approachable luxury shopping experience for their clients. 

      The flagship has also been shortlisted for the “Interior Design – Flagships and Showrooms” category in the 2019 Sydney Design Awards.

      The Goal


      The overarching design theme was to celebrate existing heritage detailing and restore key features to their former glory. This concept is a perfect extension to the Diamond Exchange brand story offering diamond jewellery produced by old-world craftsmanship in workshops equipped with the latest technology. 


      The designers had to strike the perfect balance between the rich and opulent heritage details versus a contemporary store design in order to stay true to their brand identity. 


      greater group designers on this project also looked into efficient design solutions that can reduce operating costs and emissions by re-using fittings.

      The Challenge


      Respecting the existing heritage features presented a few challenges during the spatial planning and design stage which the greater group design team was able to overcome: 

      • No punctures are allowed to the ceiling when installing lighting pendants and tracks so special bracing and attachments were used
      • The team considered how design elements, such as lighting, material palette and casual seating arrangements can work together to create a contemporary, yet inviting setting. In addition, greater group also wanted to incorporate the bank’s brand colour strategically, with splashes of red tying the whole experience together into one unified environment.

      The Solution

      MERGING ‘OLD’ & ‘NEW’

      The carefully restored ceiling created an aesthetic that is full of history and detail, offsetting the minimalistic showcase display found below. 

      To add further dimension, accents of gold, two large curved mirrors nestled under existing arch structures, dark walnut joinery and floor finish was used to mark a transition between the traditional elements and the more contemporary features surrounding the product displays and customer seating zones.

      greater group also retained the existing timber floor to reduce waste and ensured that fixtures locally manufactured were aligned with the latest sustainable standards. 

      About Diamond Exchange

      Diamond Exchange is a diamond trader owned by the Thomas family with over 100 years of experience in the diamond trade offering clients world class diamond rings and jewellery, handcrafted in Australia and supported by extensive knowledge, brilliant craftsmanship and excellent service. Located in the heart of Melbourne and Sydney, they launched the first e-commerce site for diamonds in Australia and thrives on continuing to bring customers innovation as well as classic diamond choices with the best value. 


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