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      Lift and Boost the Display Game


      Hanes | June 2018 | Fashion & Accessories | Manufacture, Installation, Roll-out

      physical customer-product interaction

      One of the major advantages that bricks-and-mortar has over e-commerce retail is the ability to create a physical customer-product interaction. In-store retail displays allow brands to draw attention to specific merchandise and round out the immersive in-store experience. X-Factor Displays, a subsidiary of greater group, have been working with Hanes (formerly Pacific Brands) to provide in-store display solutions for four of their brands, Berlei, Bonds, Jockey and Maidenform at retailers in Australia.

      During the 3-year partnership, X-Factor Displays‘ has established a track record to design and implement functional display systems that ensure consistent customer experiences across their brands at multiple locations. In its most ambitious project to date, Hanes tasked X-Factor Displays to execute the supply of over 300 fixtures for 27 stores for three brands at Hanes‘ Myer pads in just four weeks. 

      The Goal

      Hanes Group was looking for effective retail displays for three of their brands, Berlei, Bonds,  Jockey, in their Myer pads across Australia to:

      1. Help them stand out among competitors and improve brand awareness in a department store
      2. Positively influence both the shopping atmosphere and shopping behaviours of consumers visiting the store to drive sales
      3. Allow for better functionality and use of space 

      X-Factor Displays worked in tandem with Hanes Group as well as Myer to bring this vision to life, providing a turn-key solution from conceptual design and prototyping to offshore procurement, local freight and installation.

      The Challenge

      The biggest challenge in this project was the condensed installation time frame of only four weeks. More than 300 fixtures had to be supplied and, to avoid disrupting daily in-store operations, each pad installation had to take place in only one night. 

      Logistics issues aside, I really focused on giving the setup 360-degree shopability and building in enough visual drama to keep customers engaged.

      If there’s one thing in your display that you want every passerby to see, what is it? Then design your display around that. It’s best to narrow your focus and pull out key attributes that consumers can pick up on from at least six feet away and be drawn to learn more.

      When designing the displays, there was a strong consideration towards displays that are easy to execute and are equipped with interchangeable visual merchandising,” says project lead, Andy Mills, General Manager of X-Factor Displays. 

      The Solution

      Form & Function 

      Designed with the customer journey in mind, the in-store displays engage shoppers to try out the products to drive conversions:

      1. Easy for shoppers to find information on prices, sizes and product details. The fluid flow also allows customers to browse more size and colour options.
      2. Utilise mannequins, posters and photos to show the products in use with a rack or have a small section of the display dedicated to these highlighted products 

      In addition, the flexible display systems also maximize product display with the ability to refresh regularly.  The parts are easy to disassemble and reassemble, plus they offered additional storage for merchandise.

      Following the success of this project, X-Factor Displays were engaged to work on a national retail display roll-out for Maidenform, another of Hanes Group‘s intimates and shape-wear brands. In addition we are currently working on a couple of further projects that will appear shortly in David Jones Australia as well as Farmers New Zealand.

      X Factor Displays

      Consumer behaviour is constantly evolving. In this era of quick shopper decision-making and the increasing emphasis on the in-store customer experience, the importance of product placement marketing in the retail world will only continue to increase, and brands can no longer afford to stand still. Talk to us today to learn more about how X Factor Displays can help you improve your in-store performance to stay competitive in the ever-changing retail landscape.

      About Hanes

      Previously operating as Pacific Brands, Hanes is part of HanesBrands Inc, the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of basic apparel brands. Home to iconic Aussie and international brands BondsSheridanBerleiChampionJockeyVoodoo and many more, the Melbourne-based company actively operates in Australia and New Zealand, as well as China, Indonesia with products sold across their retail network of 300+ stores, e-stores and wholesale partners. 


      Send us a brief overview and we'll be in touch within 24 hours