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      New South Wales, Australia

      HCF Kiosk


      HCF  |  2021 |  Healthcare |  Design

      project brief

      HCF, the largest not-for-profit health fund in Australia, commissioned Greater Group to design and build a reusable pop-up kiosk that can be installed and removed for relocation rapidly. The project brief was to create a temporary format that would deliver three primary functions:

      1. increase HCF’s brand presence in states with low membership rates to engage with potential customers and drive sales;
      2. facilitate and stage temporary events and campaigns such as general health checks, and
      3. serve as a temporary facility to existing customers in a given location while HCF relocates or revamps an existing branch.

      Additionally, the design of the kiosk needed to support HCF’s branding and colour palette, complement the existing branch design guidelines and make a prominent reference to health insurance. The design needed to facilitate a welcoming, inviting and engaging environment with comfortable seating and sufficient privacy to accommodate sensitive conversations with new and existing customers. A strong signage strategy and campaign presence — visible from all angles — were needed to attract people within an open mall environment.

      It was also vital to ensure COVID-19-safety for both staff and customers as well as necessary security measures such as lockable cupboards and space for valuable hardware and electronics. Finally, modularity was a key design objective as the structure essentially needs to adapt to different sized spaces and centre requirements, and enable quick installation, pack down and transportation to new locations for maximum cost-efficiency.

      project outcome

      Greater Group successfully answered the project brief with a design solution that carefully navigates the often opposing functional and aesthetic requirements to deliver a high-functioning, flexible pop-up kiosk that can easily be installed and packed up in one night. The design maintains a casual and welcoming atmosphere while offering sufficient private facilities for consultations. To ensure that all key design elements are included in the final product, the kiosk consists of four main zones, each uniquely supporting customer engagement and marketing collateral:

      1. a service and casual conversation zone with room for storage, a digital screen and an external logo;
      2. digital banquette seating with fabric signage and an external logo;
      3. a consultation area with room for storage and planters, and
      4. casual seating options with room for promotional material.

      The pop-up features a structurally secure snap-together steel frame that can easily be assembled and disassembled, along with a modular flooring solution that can quickly be installed and provides a variety of options to feed power and data through. The design also carefully considers the lighting inside the kiosk by implementing track spotlights in the internal support frame and a feature pendant above the consultation area to achieve a final result that resembles a full store rather than a pop-up shop in the general mall area. The materials used in the design and construction of the kiosk were specified to match the current look and feel of HCF’s branch design with the brand’s signature ruby palette along with timber accents and refreshing touches of greenery throughout the space.

      Visitors are welcomed at the concierge desk next to a movable graphic display with a storage cabinet and a countertop. The second half of the kiosk adopts a more intimate design that houses a private consultation desk framed by a ruby mesh screen for added privacy. The interior of the kiosk is adorned by a circular feature green wall with a timber frame as well as a storage cabinet with a built-in planter. HCF’s signage and brand presence circle around the kiosk to attract customers from all angles through illuminated logo signage with gradient colouring and secondary descriptions.

      The pop-up kiosk was prototyped at Greater Group’s manufacturing plant in Tullamarine before it was rolled out at the first site in Green Hills, New South Wales. The Shell Harbour and Marrickville installations followed soon after. Two pop-up kiosks are currently in circulation with a rollout programme that will extend to eight sites during 2021. One kiosk will be set up to serve HCF’s brand awareness strategy as well as temporary events/campaigns, while the second kiosk will be used as a replacement for branches that are temporarily closed due to renovations or relocation.

      Following the successful design and rollout of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group’s temporary pop-up branch format by Greater Group in 2019 (the first of its kind), the HCF pop-up kiosk showcases an innovative modular design solution that will continue to pioneer the modern customer experience to cater to changing consumer behaviours and a growing need for omnichannel models across all industries. Greater Group provided end-to-end services for this project including design, documentation, procurement, installation and removal, project management, warehousing and maintenance.

      About HCF

      Established in Australia in 1932, HCF has grown into one of the largest combined registered private health fund and life insurance organisations in the country. In addition to its not-for-profit health fund products, the company has launched the HCF Research Foundation that funds health research projects in Australia, as well as the HCF Catalyst that helps turn health technology start-ups into viable businesses. Beyond the pop-up kiosk project, greater group has previously partnered with HCF to design a hero flagship store and 10 retail branches across Australia, with another 10 retail branches that will be built in 2021


      Send us a brief overview and we'll be in touch within 24 hours