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      Jakarta, Indonesia

      The Harvest Flagship

      The Harvest

      The Harvest |  2020  |  Hospitality  |  Design

      project brief

      The European-style bakery and pastry brand The Harvest partnered with Greater Group in the design of their latest Flagship Store in Pluit, North Jakarta. Greater Group provided Concept Design services, including space planning, customer experience strategy, joinery design, materials specifications, environmental graphics as well as schematic drawings and graphic implementation guideline.

      The Harvest had always portrayed a mature brand image, accentuated by its signature black and gold colours. In this project, Greater Group was challenged to provide a new face for The Harvest, in order to appeal more to the younger market. While keeping the mature characteristic, the other distinctive qualities to be reflected include friendly, attractive, earthy, and experiential. The project key objective was to create a bespoke customer experience while supporting the brand’s business strategy for future growth.

      project outcome

      The 300 m2 space is designed upon four customer journey zones: Attract, Experience, Transact and Delight. Attract zone is highlighted by the iconic shopfront and curated hero display while Experience zone allows customers to browse with ease of navigation. Transact zone is created to be as seamless as possible and Delight zone is crafted to encourage dine-in and initiate returns. Through the implementation of clear wayfinding and category management, the shopping experience becomes less overwhelming and therefore more enjoyable. Separate entrances for dine-in and takeaway are strategically positioned. Following COVID-19 response, delivery orders have increased tremendously thus separate entrance and waiting area for couriers are proven to be practical.

      Inspired by Japanese contemporary design and the Memphis era, the new look & feel is applied consistently throughout the space, from the shopfront architecture, display area, dining space to the pick-up zone and bathroom. Rose gold as a new brand colour is introduced to complement the existing more mature palette. Eye-catching graphics are applied to capture emotion while the theatrical kitchen setup and workshop table for personalised gifts contribute to the Instagram-value of the store.

      The new flagship store design was launched to celebrate The Harvest’s 16th anniversary. Greater Group design team succeeded in delivering a fresh look that attracts the younger market through an instragrammable facade and interior without compromising on the inherent value and DNA of The Harvest’s well-established brand presence in Indonesia.

      About The Harvest

      The Harvest was established in 2004 and has grown into the largest European-style bakery and pastry chain store in Indonesia. Today, they have over 45 stores in major and developing cities country-wide as the brand continues to lead the market with superior product quality, innovative packaging, and a top-rated customer journey. It is certainly the go-to brand for majority of cake lovers in Indonesia.


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