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Interior Visualisation

Take your interior project to the next level with photorealistic visualisations.

At Greater Group we understand that visualising your ideas to prospective clients can be challenging. We want to help you execute your design vision into visual masterpieces – one that will make an impression and leave a memorable visual experience. With an easy workflow and incredibly fast turnaround time, our team of experienced and creative 3D designers have the tools to reach a level of photorealism unmatched by other forms of presentation.

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3D Modelling

Turn your complex 2D drawings into easy-to-visualize and highly-detailed scenes.

Still Image & Animation Renders

Visualise scenes using photorealistic renders with well-thought lighting through any camera settings.

360 VR Still & Animation

Get a better understanding of your project’s sense of space through different angles.

Augmented Reality

Step into your designs and get a feel for the space using our AR headsets.

Realtime Visualization

Walkthrough the space and see your lighting and spatial characteristics transform instantaneously.

Want to transcend your project?

One is Real, the Other is Rendered: Can You Tell Which is Which?

Have a project that needs photorealistic visualisations?

Grade A

Photo-realistic renders

with true lighting

Total working hours     30 Hours*


With render farm     2-3 Hours/Image

Without render farm     3-6 Hours/Image

Grade B

Conceptual renders

with general lighting

Total working hours     24 Hours*


With render farm     0.5-1 Hours/Image

Without render farm     2-4 Hours/Image

Grade C

Direct screenshots

with texture

Total working hours     16 Hours*


With render farm     N/A

Without render farm     N/A

*Time may vary depending on size and complexity of projects

Need a fast turnaround time for a project?

Heinemann Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

James Ngo

Senior Manager, Design and Projects

“There are numerous creative agencies in the market in various industry/field but finding the right fit for clients’ requirements involve much more than just good quality and service. Greater Group with its dynamic pool of talents have been at their utmost competency level. Even with the toughest projects, they are always one step ahead, the combination of their pro-activity and problem-solving skills makes working with them an enjoyable time. The effectiveness of their coordination, communication and overall project management is truly remarkable. I would highly recommend Greater Group as a valued working partner.”


Send us a brief overview and we'll be in touch within 24 hours