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Bank of Melbourne commissioned greater group to design a unique concept for their flagship branch that was unveiled in Melbourne’s CBD in 2012 to offer a new take on the traditional branch banking experience by delivering an immersive space that fosters customer engagement. This was achieved through an open plan layout, digital communicative tools and the adjoining concept store and investment resource centre, The Investore.

In 2015, the community-focused experiential concept was carried out in grander scale in the flagship location in Bourke Street, Melbourne, enhanced with a vestibule ‘express zone’ entrance with video technology welcoming customers into the branch. greater group also delivered the Box Hill branch, improving communication and education through consultation areas with video conferencing technology to offer personalised banking services. This new wave of branch banking merges the characteristics of the physical channel with digital services to curate an omnichannel banking experience for the modern customer.

Bank of Melbourne BoxHill

Melbourne, Australia
November, 2016
237.5 Square Metre
"At August 2011, we proudly celebrated the official launch of Bank of Melbourne and we chose greater group to help us in the end-to-end design and delivery of our Bank of Melbourne branches. greater group has a deep knowledge of the retail design business and we have valued their design work, flexibility and professionalism throughout this project and have openly shared their fantastic insights and ideas. greater group shares our passion about building the perfect Bank of Melbourne branch and this has enabled us to work seamlessly as a team."
Scott Turner


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