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Diamond Exchange, an Australian family-owned jewellery brand with 100+ years’ experience in the diamond trade, enlisted greater group to design and implement their first boutique in Melbourne which was soon followed by their second location in Sydney, also delivered through an end-to-end solution by greater group. The vision for these rollouts were born in 2016, when Diamond Exchange identified an opportunity for the business to transition to a physical retail channel.

The spacious and light-filled boutiques present a new type of luxury retail experience, merging traditional elements with modern design features. The Sydney flagship, located on the fifth floor of the prestigious Georges heritage building, is based on a modern interpretation of traditional jewellery boutiques, fitted out in warm lighting, soft finishes and plush details. The store’s open layout concept expertly showcases a wide range of products while achieving a curated best-of-range display in an intimate setting.

Diamond Exchange George St.

Sydney, Australia
November, 2018
110 Square Metre
Design, Procure & Build
"Having worked with greater group on several projects over the past five years, we had no hesitation partnering with them again for our most recent Diamond Exchange showroom in Sydney. We knew to expect their customary keen attention to detail, a high level of professionalism in addition to innovative design solutions. Despite presenting greater group with a number of challenges including heritage issues, limited site-access and an aggressive timeframe, they delivered a beautifully designed and immaculately appointed showroom which exceeded our expectations."
Jamie Thomas
Managing Director


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