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greater group partnered with the Australian candle retailer, Dusk, in the manufacture management of joinery and signage materials to be implemented in 30 stores nationwide. Dusk’s premium products, including candles, home décor, home fragrance and gift items, are retailed in more than 100 stores across Australia, distributed from their Perth-based factory. The goal of the displays are to inspire shoppers by demonstrating how the range of products would add value to their homes.

greater group identified the best suited factory partners for prototyping, quality control and warehouse and logistics management to guide Dusk in achieving visual appeal, durability and functionality while saving on costs. greater group also guided the brand in standardising their visual merchandising strategy to maintain brand consistency across their store network. The modular designs of the floor-standing and wall-mounted equipment simplify large-scale rollout and enable the brand to easily update the displays according to new campaigns or product ranges.


April, 2019
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