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Heinemann Perth

Asia Pacific
December, 2017
2340 Square Metre
Design (Render)
"There are numerous creative agencies in the market in various industry/field, but finding the right fit for clients’ requirements involve much more than just good quality and service. I started collaborating with Nina and Greater Group team in 2017 and, to date, each and every projects we do together has been amazing. Working in a Travel Retail sector, projects have faster pace and turnaround demands. Greater Group with its dynamic pool of talents have been at their utmost competency level. Even with the toughest projects, they are always one step ahead, the combination of their pro-activity and problem solving skills makes working with them an enjoyable time. The effectiveness of their coordination, communication and overall project management is truly remarkable. I would highly recommend Greater Group as a valued working partner."
James Ngo
Senior Manager, Design and Projects


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