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Greater group has worked closely with Pandora globally and have been instrumental in the implementation and roll-out of their store network by providing market research, design, store planning, installation and procurement services for the past 8 years. And now, through our end-to-end services, the first Flagship store in Australia and New Zealand was designed in by our Sydney team to create a unique, more engaging environment. A fresh take from the familiar Pandora store, the Bourke St. flagship store is a multi-level retail space in the heart of Melbourne.

The iconic and the historical structure of the four-storey gothic-style brick building is dissolved by sleek white and glass walls, where contemporary touches are complemented by blush pink – the official colour of the brand, metal details and a light oak floor.

When customers enter the store, they are met by the PANDORA logo on the glass wall. The transparency of the wall as well as the ribbon feature, allows the customer to glance the Icon Frame and the back of the store. Surrounding the walls, jewellery pieces are showcased in mirrored glass cabinets, set to look like a gallery wall.  Adding to the overall sense of luxury, a carefully balanced and integrated lighting design – incorporating windows, shelves and ceilings is used to highlight key products as well as the ambience of the store.

Pandora Bourke St.

Melbourne, Australia
December, 2018
Basement: 64 Square Metre
Ground: 69 Square Metre
Level 1: 58 Square Metre
Level 4: 34 Square Metre
Design, Build & Procurement


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