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      Workplace & Office Fit-out

      Office Fitouts

      Greater Group is a project delivery company that specialises in project management, design, build, and refurbishment. With 140+ talented designers and project managers working in our offices across the Asia Pacific region, Greater Group has delivered the design and fitout of more than 5,000 commercial and office spaces.


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      Offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta & Bali


      Offering a single point of contact from concept to completion, Greater Group supports retailers and businesses in bringing their vision to life through functional, inspiring, and community-focused commercial design and fitout projects. The strategic use of new technologies and modular fixtures in addition to maximising the reuse of existing hardware and furnishings enables us to create future-proof and cost-effective commercial spaces that can be adapted for multiple scenarios.


      Whether you want to design a brand new retail or office space, reimagine an existing commercial space, or relocate your store or workplace to a new location, Greater Group’s end-to-end solution can deliver on all your project goals.


      Provided by a team of designers, manufacturers, builders and project managers, commercial fitouts are performed to prepare a commercial space for occupation. Commercial fitout services include the installation of flooring, ceilings, windows, doors, wall partitions, furnishings, heating, ventilation, plumbing, and electric cabling and wiring.


      There are multiple different types of commercial fitouts. Firstly, fitout services differ from renovation services, although both can be delivered by a design, build and fitout company. While office renovations typically include interior and aesthetic changes such as painting the walls and upgrading the furniture and decor, a commercial office fitout project refers to treating and transforming an empty space into a completed work environment, ready to be occupied by tenants. 


      Commercial fitouts are mainly divided into three categories, namely Shell & Core, Category A, and Category B.

      • Shell & Core fitout refers to a commercial fitout project where the building’s framework is already in place with the exception of components such as interior walls, electric wiring, and heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Such a commercial space leaves plenty of room for the new owners or tenants to customise the design and layout to fit their unique needs. 
      • Category A fitout refers to a basic functional unit with some components such as plumbing and electric wiring already in place with the exception of functional features such as fire protection systems, raised access floors, and heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
      • Finally, Category B fitout refers to spatial and aesthetic considerations that have not been installed during Category A. These components may include window treatments, lighting fixtures, flooring, wall partitions, painting, furnishings, and branding collateral. This is the most creative stage of any commercial fitout project.


      Design is continuously evolving. In commercial and office spaces, the focus is increasingly being placed on creating multifunctional environments where productivity can thrive while prioritising the wellbeing of both staff and customers. As hybrid online-offline scenarios are becoming more and more prominent across all industries, commercial design plays a unique role in emphasising the success of physical environments — both in retail and office spaces. 


      Despite the conveniences of online shopping, e-commerce fails to deliver on the customer experience and sensory engagement facilitated by in-person retail experiences. Similarly, remote work and work-from-home scenarios pose a myriad of benefits for companies and employees, yet do not live up to the potential for creativity, productivity and community-building of well-designed office spaces. In this regard, commercial design and fitout services emerge as a solution for the modern-day hybrid commercial and workplace environment to create spaces where your customers and your employees can flourish. 


      If your retail space or workplace needs an update, take a look at our commercial office fitout services.


      1. Strategic Planning

      During the initial consultation stage, we will gain a deep understanding of your project specifications, projected outcomes, budget and timeline. To conceptualise a vision of your commercial office space, we take a holistic look at your brand identity and workplace culture.

      2. Concept & Design

      Following the strategic planning phase, we get to work on the concept design of your new space. This includes meticulous consideration of spatial use, selection of finishes and furnishings, and a full set of construction drawings.

      3. Budget Planning

      Once the concept design has been approved, our designers and project managers proceed to detailed budget planning to ensure the project is executed in adherence to your budget. Thanks to Greater Group’s own state-of-the-art joinery manufacturing plant in Melbourne, we present an added cost-saving and convenience benefit by sourcing and manufacturing locally in Australia.

      4. Project Implementation & Management

      Our expert project managers provide a single point of contact throughout the project implementation stage. By liaising with the design, manufacture and build teams, we coordinate seamless execution while keeping you up to date with progress. Holding all parties to the highest standard, our continuous construction management services ensure that all commercial fitouts are completed on time and within budget.

      Case Studies

      We are proud of our recently completed projects in APAC

      Location: Hong Kong

      Completion Date: 2019

      Size: 20,000 Square Feet

      Scope of Work: Design & Build

      Completed in 2019 Victory is a leading Co working space located in one of the most iconic building in Hong Kong. Greater Group Designed and Build this 20,000 sq ft project within 4 months.


      Read Full Case Study

      Location: Shanghai, China

      Completion Date: 2020

      Size: 8,000 Square Feet

      Scope of Work: Design & Build 

      Completed in 2019, Alter Domus is a well established professional services firm. Greater Group successfully delivered 8,000 sq ft office space in the Centrium within 8 weeks. We recently completed Alter Domus Shanghai office in 2020.


      Read Full Case Study

      Location: Hong Kong

      Completion Date: 2019

      Size: 4,300 Square Feet

      Scope of Work: Design & Project Management

      Working with the global real estate company, BGIS, Greater Group was tasked with providing office design consultation services to one of their clients, Green Court Capital Management, an investment management firm in Hong Kong.


      Read Full Case Study

      Location: Sydney, Australia

      Completion Date: 2018

      Size: 18,000 Square Feet

      Scope of Work: Design Renders

      Greater Group worked with TMH Studio to provide renders for a multipurpose fitout delivered for the tech giant, Microsoft, in Sydney, Australia. The design was executed above the historical Martin Place GPO.


      Read Full Case Study


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      Design Management

      Commercial Management

      Project Execution Plans

      Reporting & Document Control

      Health, Safety, Quality and Programme Management

      Commissioning and Close Out Control

      Change Management

      Value Engineering



      Space Planning

      Design Brief & Specification Creation

      Contract Creation

      Schedule of Works


      Quantity Surveying

      Quality Control

      Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility


      Contract Administration

      Project Scheduling

      Landlord & Authority Compliance

      Statutory & Site Safety Compliance

      Time, Cost & Quality Control

      Absolute Close Out



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      Joinery Manufacturing

      Display Manufacturing

      Fixtures & Fittings

      Cabinets & Shelving


      Australian Facility


      Operational Maintenance

      Warranty Care

      Dilapidation Management

      Day 2 Works

      Auditing & Compliance


      Design & Documentation

      Strategy & Research

      Customer Experience
      Creative / Concept
      Detail Design Specification
      Design Concept Development
      Construction Documentation

      3D & Digital

      3D Modelling
      Still Image & Animation Render
      360 VR Stills & Animation
      Digital Activation & Live Experiences
      Realtime Visualisations

      Omnichannel Digital Strategy

      Graphic Design

      Environmental Graphics
      Signage & Wayfinding
      Visual Merchandising

      POSM Design
      Brand Identity
      UI/UX Design

      Need commercial office fitout services? Reach out to Greater Group to tell us more about your next project.


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