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      Brunner | 2023 | Workplace &  Showroom | Design & Build

      project brief

      As it continues its regional expansion plans, Brunner Asia Pacific had recourse to Greater Group for its new 92.9 sqm workplace and showroom for its premium office furniture line at Plaza 228, Wan Chai.

      With its proudly German-made products in use throughout Europe, the showroom had to make the best use of the space for representing Brunner’s 40+ years of combining quality, function and design, as well as highlight the company’s emphasis on sustainability.

      project outcome

      Putting together a workspace and showroom worthy of one of the leading furniture-makers in Europe was an assignment worthy of one of the leading global retail and workplace consultancy agencies in the Asia Pacific. At first sight, the entrance welcomes visitors with a warm earth palette and wood flooring and trim, representative of the company’s sustainability focus. 

      Other sustainable and biophilic design features include natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the creative placement of potted plants echoed by the leaf green accent wall.

      Also of note is the display featuring a toy-sized replica of the second-hand Volkswagen van that the company’s original founders, Rolf and Helena Brunner, used in the early days of their family enterprise. This and other decorative pieces on the shelves humanises the minimalist workspace where wall-length storage and perimeter work stations keep the space clutter-free.

      The open floor plan features furniture on castors which may be grouped or positioned as needed, as well as clever lighting solutions that help to define spaces. Presentation screens and other devices have also been discreetly integrated into the layout. 

      The showroom itself is a veritable catalogue-come-to-life with the dominant white-and-wood colour scheme, custom-made joineries and perfectly controlled shelf-lighting providing an ideal backdrop for each piece.

      About Brunner

      Founded in Baden in 1977, leading office furniture manufacturer, Brunner has offices in Switzerland, France and Great Britain as well as in the Asia Pacific. The company’s premium-quality chairs, tables and bespoke furniture pieces are hand-made in Germany and used in office and administrative buildings, public spaces and care and health facilities across Europe, Asia and soon in Africa and the Middle East. 


      Send us a brief overview and we'll be in touch within 24 hours