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      Jakarta, Indonesia

      Redefining the Future of Retail Banking

      CIMB Niaga

      CIMB Niaga | September 2019 | Banking & Finance | Design

      Digital Lounge format

      To support its business growth, CIMB Niaga is continuing its network expansion through nationwide customer touch-points including 28 Digital Lounges located in shopping malls and offices. The latest Digital Lounge format was recently unveiled in Jakarta’s bustling Kemang Road – their first conventional branch that was converted to a Digital Lounge.

      CIMB Niaga selected greater group to help design its ‘branch of the future’: a more interactive and technology-enhanced retail banking prototype that will serve as a potential model for other stand-alone locations.

      Attract, Empower, Recharge, Connect and Educate

      The Digital Lounge @ Home is designed upon 5 distinctive, interlinked zones: Attract, Empower, Recharge, Connect and Educate. The inspiring design of this branch has already become an iconic structure within Indonesia, featuring an “Instagrammable” space that encourages customers to explore at their leisure.

      Spread across two floors, it provides a good mix of formats that accommodate a range of service needs — from self-service desk to cozy waiting lounge and fully-private meeting space. With the tech generation in mind, the location delivers a full digital banking experience including online banking tablets and PCs, NFC ticketing technology, digital touch screens, video banking booth and smart meeting room.

      The Goal

      The Kemang Road location came with a unique customer demographic where CIMB Niaga’s focus is predominantly on engaging housewives and young entrepreneurs who reside in the area. Therefore, greater group was tasked to design a holistic retail banking concept to meet these goals:

      • Future-proof: Fresh and distinctive design that is relevant to the tech savvy and experience-loving Millennials
      • Customer-focused: Improved customer journey (women in particular want information, education and networking opportunities)
      • Scalability: Standardised and modular concept that is applicable for multi-format rollout
      • Cost-effective: Smart solution with easy installation
      • Localisation: Value and celebrate the heritage and DNA of the brand

      The Challenge

      Re-designing a bank branch to reflect consumer needs and today’s digital capabilities is not a matter of simply installing new machines or buying a suite of tablet computers, the key lies in the right mix – branches and technology – enabling a true omni-channel experience.

      CIMB Niaga wanted to dramatically change retail banking to be more customer-centric so greater group proposed a warmer and cozier environment.

      The team considered how design elements, such as lighting, material palette and casual seating arrangements can work together to create a contemporary, yet inviting setting. In addition, greater group also wanted to incorporate the bank’s brand colour strategically, with splashes of red tying the whole experience together into one unified environment.

      The Solution

      Digital Lounge @ Home” is designed to create an “interactional experience” rather than a transactional space, challenging the traditional perspective of bank branches. With the stunning architectural shopfront and theatrical LED display of the CIMB Niaga ‘OCTO’ mascot, greater group  created a design for CIMB Niaga that is both welcoming and attention grabbing.

      A highlight of Digital Lounge @ Home is a range of digital tools that facilitate interactions with the bank’s products and services. This suite of technology allows customers to independently open a bank account, create a new ATM card, as well as complete transactions privately in the video banking room or the smart meeting room. 

      This new-age banking method removes the need for tellers and formal counters as the two-level branch is only manned by one staff. 

      To convert idle waiting time to engaged learning time, greater group designed interactive wall screens to be unifying visual anchors and destinations for digital brand storytelling. Multiple seating options from lounges to high-bars allows customers to migrate where they feel most comfortable. A kid’s corner with educational games and a claw machine provides relief for busy parents and promotes early adoption.

      About CIMB Niaga

      Founded in 1955, CIMB Niaga is Indonesia’s fifth largest bank by assets. They offer their customers the most comprehensive portfolio of conventional and Shariah banking services in Indonesia, combining their strengths in consumer banking, SME and micro, commercial and corporate banking, treasury and payment services with the support of their 585 branches nationwide along with their branchless banking platforms.


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