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      Coca-Cola | 2022 | Office | Design & Build

      project brief

      The Coca-Cola office in Singapore unveils its brand new interior makeover in partnership with Greater Group. 

      The new Coca-Cola office concept was brought to life with the idea of bringing fluidity and brightness in its spatial design, modular fixtures and biophilic elements to evoke freshness and clarity to harness creativity, and a minimal yet strong and contemporary approach to visual design that represents Coca-Cola’s ability to adapt to the evolutionary trends of every generation that grew up with the brand.

      From bold and aggressive to a subtle, elegant and relaxed perspective, Greater Group brings harmony into the Coca-Cola office using natural and repurposed materials, brown, soft grey, off white and neutral tones with touches of green and accent of the brand’s distinctive red colour. Complementing Coca-Cola’s minimal red spread is Costa Coffee’s muted red shade and balanced presence, the latest coffee bar addition inside the Coca-Cola office.

      project outcome

      Coca-Cola’s new office look is a far cry from its pronounced and solid hallmark, which also effectively embodied the brand’s successful achievements at the time. With a sleek and ultramodern interior design, clients are now welcomed to a breezy entrance at the reception that features a custom-shaped pendant light that subtly represents the flow and agility of the renovated space, and a wall of illuminated coke bottles. An interactive digital touch screen wall illustrating Coca-Cola’s rich history is the only bold visual call to the overall minimalism of the entire office.

      Workspace arrangement remains the same except for a more open knee space under the desk to minimise clutter and encourage a positive flow. Plant boxes and a combination of natural light and suspended linear LED lights are incorporated to maintain a healthy productivity among employees. 

      Greater Group transformed half of the breakout area into a small cafeteria by adding modular and stackable furniture laid out in a clean organisation. Soft seating pads were attached on the step seats and green wall tiles were built to provide comfort and ease maintaining a friendly atmosphere. In addition, the smoked mirrors were placed on the column foundations that created an illusion of a larger space. Lastly, global coffeehouse Costa Coffee joins Coca-Cola within its Singapore office walls to add stimulating beverage options to fuel its corporate and creative staff members.

      About Coca-Cola

      The Coca-Cola Company is the biggest name in beverage manufacturing in the world. With products sold in more than 200 countries and territories, the brand continues to be one of the leading international soft drink brand favourites throughout its 130-year history. Coca-Cola has 146 office locations worldwide and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


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