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      Délifrance | 2023 | Hospitality | Design

      project brief

      Greater Group spearheaded Délifrance’s stores in Singapore as the company heralds multiple brand messaging and design adjustments globally, particularly to its brick-and-mortar stores. Delifrance Waterway Point caters to Punggol residents and visitors from across the island while Changi City Point is located at the heart of Changi Business Park. Both are situated in dynamic, mix-used development properties where retail, entertainment, education and residential hubs thrive. 

      Strongly following Délifrance’s brand guidelines, Greater Group transformed the French F&B stores at Waterway Point and Changi City Point, both with unique designs that will differentiate each store in different locations around Singapore. Délifrance focuses on improving the following areas:

      • Layout and store design
      • Retail seal and signage
      • More “joie de vivre”  colour palette
      • A mural collection that strongly features the French DNA

      project outcome

      The stores are dressed in a combination of dark and light blue colours with oak materials to establish premium quality and freshness in their ambience and bakery products without losing their timeless French bakery identity in a contemporary environment and Singapore’s local vibe. Delifrance Waterway Point and Changi City Point feature a wall plant/greenery wall which adds an organic, fresh and lively ambience to the typical warm and cosy mood of a café or bakery.

      The in-store journey for both stores is more practical and convenient where foot traffic leads diners and pick-up only or takeaways in strategic zones. A combination of hard and soft seating is featured as well as stronger and more legible brand signage, and digital menu boards. 

      What differentiates Changi City Point from Waterway Point are the digital wall screen and wall art featuring house utensils that highlight the French bakery and café heritage but with the indelible Délifrance signature.

      About Délifrance

      Established in France in 1978, Délifrance is a bakery company renowned for its French-style café dining offering. The brand has a global presence with stores across Europe, Asia and America while developing products for food service providers, bakers and retailers in 100 countries around the world. In Singapore, Délifrance Singapore Wholesale has been an established developer of bakery solutions for over 20 years.


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