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      Sydney, Australia

      The Great Room Sydney

      The Great Room

      Bringing The Great Room's new Sydney space to life

      As the demand for flexible workspaces continues to surge, it is important to develop a space that not only accommodates individual work styles but also cultivates a sense of community and connection among its members. Through meticulous attention to detail, and strategic procurement and use of build elements sourced regionally across Asia, this project aims to transform The Great Room’s vision into reality, creating a thriving hub where ideas flourish, networks expand, and businesses thrive. 


      Co-working space

      Project Size

      1,095 sqm

      Company Location


      Project Requirements

      Build & Fitout

      Procurement and Fitout

      Greater Group successfully built The Great Room’s space through meticulous teamwork, where every member played a crucial role in the project’s success. Their coordinated efforts ensured seamless coordination among partners, the client, and the internal team, guaranteeing the project’s smooth progression. Safety was paramount throughout the construction process, with stringent measures in place to uphold the well-being of workers and adhere to regulatory standards. 

      Despite the complexity of the endeavor, Greater Group managed to complete the co-working space on time, meeting all deadlines without compromising quality. 

      Furthermore, their commitment to financial discipline ensured that the project was completed within the allocated budget, demonstrating their efficiency and reliability. Moreover, sustainability was a key focus, with Greater Group incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility. Overall, Greater Group’s dedication, coordination, safety measures, timely delivery, adherence to budget, and sustainability efforts culminated in the successful creation of The Great Room’s exceptional co-working space.

      In addition, Greater Group navigated the complexity of sourcing build elements regionally across Asia, showcasing their versatility and ability to work with diverse suppliers and materials. This required adept logistical planning and communication to ensure timely delivery and quality control while embracing the unique characteristics of each sourced component. 

      Moreover, Greater Group excelled in adapting a pre-fitted space, effectively transforming it into The Great Room’s dynamic co-working environment. Their innovative approach and attention to detail enabled them to integrate new design elements seamlessly, maximising the space’s potential and fulfilling The Great Room’s vision with finesse and creativity.


      The Great Room at 85 Castlereagh Street in Sydney, Australia, is a sophisticated co-working space that pays homage to the rich cultural and natural heritage of the surrounding area.

      Project Outcome

      The Great Room’s sophisticated Australian headquarters at 85 Castlereagh Street stands as a testament to thoughtful design, cultural reverence, and uncompromising quality. By seamlessly blending elements of nature, luxury, and local heritage, the space offers a truly unique and inspiring environment for co-working and collaboration.


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