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The Australian coffee chain partnered with greater group to design five new flagship stores and 30 new concept stores for nationwide delivery. The multi-store rollout includes multiple formats including a standard cafe venue and a mobile coffee van. The design follows the brand’s signature look featuring a dark colour palette, atmospheric lighting and wooden furniture and panelling.

When Hudsons Coffee was founded in Melbourne in 1998, the vision started as an informal family-focused cafe. But the business has since experienced significant growth and, accelerated by its acquisition by the Emirates Group in 2009, currently boasts with more than 100 stores across APAC. The brand has infiltrated every Australian state and also has a strong presence in airport environments, including locations in Singapore’s Changi Airport and New Zealand’s Auckland Airport.

Hudsons Coffee

Australia & New Zealand
January, 2018
Avg. 100 Square Metre
"We initially engaged the greater group to maximise our customer flow and sales at our Hudsons Coffee Melbourne airport stores. Our challenge was to serve high volumes of customers in a limited retail space over extended periods of time. The greater group solution and attention to customer flow blew us away and has resulted in sales increases of up to 42%, and an average increase of 30% across these stores. We have since used the greater group to procure custom furniture for our coffee shops, bars and restaurants direct from China with significant cost savings. We continue to use greater group for multiple projects and are always delighted at the results"
Adam Summerville
Former Managing Director


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